1. Kolt Does a Word Search, "Burrito"
    This is the first time Kolt has done a word search while being medicated on cannabis. Cannabis allows his to calmly enjoy going out to eat with his family. It also helps with his focus and cognitive performance as you can see here. Listen to his mom, Jamie, as she notes how his eyes are moving between the word bank and the puzzle.
  2. Kolt uses a Spoon for Ice Cream
    DescriptionMedical cannabis has helped to improve Kolt's motor skills more than we could have imagined. Prior to this video, he's only been using a fork/spoon for a couple months. He still likes the sensory of using his hands from time to time, but over all know how and when a utensil is appropriate.
  1. Kolt Tries New Food - Yellow Squash
    This is the first time we introduced Kolt to yellow squash. Using the rewards system we used something he likes to eat like a cheeseburger, to get him to try yellow squash. Using cannabis allows him to accept new foods. Since this video was taken, Kolt now eats yellow squash in his meal and doesn't pick it out.
  1. Kolt Tries New Food - Milk
    This one was rough, but milk here is being tried not only as a new food but to ease Kolt's stomach acid. Kolt has gastroparesis and results in a constant reflux of stomach acid afetr he eats. He's actually had all of his molars replaced due to years of throwing up stomach acid. Fatty and high fiber foods like pizza, tacos, burgers, sausage, crackers, and tons of other things that are his favorites are actually the worse for him. Why such an affinity to food that promotes this? I wonder if it's a sort of self-harm. (Anyone have any information on this please contact us.) So here Jamie is using pizza as a reward to drink milk and he realizes its's not that bad. (Please excuse the frame cut, we recorded in two session due to file sizes.)
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