We've been pushing the fact that THC has given Kolt his voice and the ability to write and use a fork. It was not CBD. Ingesting CBD will send Kolt into a frantic meltdown and his aggression gets out of control; Kolt is not usually aggressive. THC has a bad rep because it's termed as "the chemical that gets you high." It's hard to fight the stigma especially when children are concerned. We know our kids use cannabis in a very different way than most of us. "High" to them is not the "high" for us. You can tell this by being with the child.
l would personally rather have Kolt zoning out on a bird splashing in a puddle than being aggressive with others or himself. Plus, he's never seen a bird that way and maybe he can finally relate and understand that both him and the bird take baths.

Written By Dan Brandt On June , 2016
Edited By: Trina Brandt on July 19, 2016

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