Raw furit
Raw vegatables
Briown rice
Steamed vegetables
Select nutritional herbs
Whole grains
Up to 2L of good water (porportional for a child)
Ezekiel Bread, e.g.
Fruit and vegetable juices
Organic meats
Grilled fish
Raw cheese
Raw milk
Beans and rice
Clean soups
Raw butter
Raw sugar
(Not during a 60 day detox, and only when completely healthy)
Processed cheese
Commercial pizza
Commercial butter
Commercial ice cream
Canned foods
Pasteurized dairy
Refined carbohydrates
Cooking oil
Nuts and seeds
Soft drinks
French fries
Potato chips
Refined protein powders
White bread
Hydrongenated oils
Soy in any form

When I first met Kolt, one of the first things I asked Jamie was 'What's Kolt's diet like?' As most autistic children, Kolt was eating a lot of things on the 'never in this life time' list. Autism will make them stick to a pattern of certain foods that are provided to them. If the kid never saw a pizza or chips, they wouldn't crave it .We had to tolerate months of meltdowns lasting sometimes hours to recondition Kolt's eating habits. This is the side most people don't want to deal with. But look at him now. When we started with Kolt, he would puke at the sight of a salad or shrimp because his sensory processing disorder would kick in. After using the reward method, he asks for it since he's been re-patterned. Diet is so crucial in managing autism and unfortunately, most parents fall into the 'meltdown trap' saying their child can't have something else. Well, they can if you have patience to deal with changing their pattern. Keep in mind most of the negative patterns these kids have are set by the parents in the first place to simply pacify them. Autism offers us a very powerful tool to help us control it; patterns. You must be willing to put up with the hard times to reshape a pattern. Once it's accepted into the mind's slide show you're good.

See the list above. Notice how the 'not in this lifetime' category lists a lot of foods that will lead to a meltdown if not gotten. You're not doing any favors by giving in. Must introduce healthier alternatives. ‪

Please keep in mind I'm not talking about allergies, eating disorders, or food-related issues that can cause medical concern.

Written By Dan Brandt On February 10, 2016
Edited By: Trina Brandt on July 19, 2016

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