As if getting our kids to eat healthy isn't hard enough, (although I know of a few that love fruits and veggies, Kolt not so much though) we have them being tricked by the foods they tend to love so much which tricks most of us actually. Some kids love the marketing alone and I've heard and seen parents buying boxes of cereal just by how they look. Other kids like the overly sweet and salty tastes of the artificial ingredients and others may just like the texture. But no matter the catch, it creates a pattern. As if learning and shaping our kids' patterns daily isn't enough, here comes "food" manufacturers with a cheat code to try and lock those unhealthy patterns in even more.
Suggestion: look for common unhealthy ingredients in your foods and try to get alternatives. Of course home made is always best. No time for that? Cook something in a large portion to be eaten over a couple days. Chili, stews, and baked pasta dishes all work. Buy organic fruits and veggies when you can. If your child doesn't like them, then use the reward system for what they do want.
For Kolt, we persuaded him to take one bite of banana for a whole popsicle.

Written By Dan Brandt On June 15, 2016
Edited By: Trina Brandt on July 19, 2016

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